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Airpot Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of ultra low friction, super-responsive, air damping dashpots, pneumatic actuators, and piston/cylinder sets.  Our products are specialized to excel in applications where precise, accurate control of actuation, damping, or displacement is required.  Combining high quality pneumatics with a unique precision glass cylinder/graphite piston seal-less construction technology, Airpot products offer designers levels of force and motion control that are difficult, if not impossible to obtain by other, even more costly pneumatic methods.  Our technology also allows unsurpassed longevity, high cycle rates without lubricants, smooth, consistent operation at extreme temperatures, and instrument quality performance for low to medium force and energy levels.

Each of our major product groups offers devices uniquely designed and optimized for highly accurate and repeatable force control. Whether your need is for a dashpot, snubber, pneumatic actuator, or a custom displacement device, our products offer the lowest friction, Anti-Stiction® properties of any other piston/cylinder based combination available. In addition, we provide a variety of high quality accessories that perfectly complement Airpot actuator and Airpel Air Cylinder products to provide reliable position sensing, accurate pressures, and clean, dry air for the most precise control. 

Airpot products encompass a combination of abilities not achieved by other industrial devices or methods. Among these capabilities are:

  • Super-sensitive and precise control of force to an accuracy of <0.5 gram
  • Friction as a percent of load that is 12-13 times lower than typical air cylinders.  Even ZERO friction is possible with some of our products.
  • Precise, adjustable damping for extremely small impacts, vibrations and oscillation.
  • Anti-Stiction® feature (no stick-slip) even during startup, extremely short travel distances, or very low speeds
  • Control of movement and force with as little as 0.2 psi. supply pressure
  • Stable, corrosion and lubrication-free materials that do not change over time.
  • A wide operating temperature range, -55 to +150 degrees centigrade, with no performance changes or material degradation
  • Air regulation sensitivity as low 0.06psi and filtration to less than 0.01 micron

Many of the world’s leading manufacturers look to Airpot Corporation for high performance yet simple mechanical and pneumatic solutions that allow precise control of force and velocity in dynamic, often high-tech, industrial manufacturing systems and equipment.

Common applications:

  • web/wire/filament tension controls
  • test & measurement instruments and machines
  • automated medical analyzers
  • semiconductor & IC processing equipment
  • dispensing & vending machines
  • high capacity mail & cash handling equipment
  • professional motion picture projection and sound equipment
  • customized uses for our pistons/cylinder sets such as Stirling engine power cylinders, sampling pumps, and linear bearings.

Whether you are designing or improving a product line to better serve your own customers, or building specialized equipment to do research, high level testing or precision assembly, Airpot Corporation will be a valuable resource for you.  To get started, identify your primary design requirement in one of the product groups shown below and then click on a product within that group for more detailed information and specs.


When there is the need to reduce or eliminate harmful or excessive motion, velocity, or impact, Airpot adjustable Air Dashpots and Snubbers (Shock Absorbers) use ambient air to precisely and accurately control force, oscillation, and shock. 


When your mechanism needs a precise motive or applied force, Airpot Self aligning Pneumatic Actuators, Anti-Stiction Airpels, and Zero-Friction Airpel-AB air cylinders allow you to move it, hold it, or press it with amazing accuracy, repeatability, and responsiveness.


Airpot Corp. precision Piston/Cylinder sets and  Self-Aligning Actuators make possible the precise dispensing of small volumes of air for pumping and flow applications, and are ideal building blocks for specialized bearing, displacement indication, or sliding/driving requirements.

Optimized Systems:

Our Packaged systems selections provide most of the critical components between the air supply and the force output needed to achieve your accuracy and precision actuation objectives.  We can save you valuable research and development time because our systems components are already matched to insure optimum performance and lowest cost. Click on the image below to see the full brochure.