08 June 18

Airpot Tech News October 2009

Application Notes:
Airpot in Membrane Switch Testing

An air cylinder that uses a carbon /graphite piston within a glass housing produces precise and repeatable motion during membrane switch testing.  A precision low friction cylinder with a piston that slides on a cushion of air is being used to provide reciprocating motion in membrane switch test systems. An Airpel air cylinder, produced by Airpot Corp. Of Norwalk CT. generates a virtually constant level of friction at air pressures from 10 to 100 psi. As a result, the Airpel minimizes erratic movements that occur as a piston begins its travel within a cylinder.This characteristic is vital in the testing of membrane switches, a process in which the air cylinder must generate forces that are precise and repeatable. Membrane switches are part of flat panel displays such as those used to enter orders at fast food restaurants or to enter machine control data in factories Read More…

Video: Zero Friction Air Bearing Actuator

video Watch Video: Airpot introduces the first three in a series of online technical product videos which illustrate pneumatic control of unwanted motion using Airpot dashpots, snubbers and air-bearing actuators.Read More…

Airpot Creates New Product Category

cylinder sets Airpot announces its new line of adaptable piston and cylinder sets. Constructed using a graphite piston / borosilicate glass cylinder combination Read More…

Airpot offers four product families in our line of customizable pneumatic actuator.

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