Jul. 12021
In an earlier blog, we looked at some ways to connect the Airpot piston to a rod. We looked at a rigid rod connection that is rarely used but good to know about and also briefly touched on our standard...
Apr. 222021
Occasionally we get asked if liquids can be used in place of air in our dashpots. Let’s talk about some of the issues. Because liquids are essentially incompressible, a liquid-filled dashpot wouldn’t suffer from the “air spring” effect that all...
Mar. 162021
We use our graphite pistons and glass cylinders as the core technology to make our air dashpots and low friction air cylinders. Some customers go in a different direction and use the piston-cylinders to make sliding linear bearings. Let’s talk...
Feb. 92021
We at Airpot make three different low friction air cylinder lines under the Airpel name. Many customers have asked us how we measure the friction in these cylinders. Today, we’re going to explain how friction is measured in our Airpel...
Feb. 52021
One of the ways our air cylinders have such low friction is that the Airpot (and Airpel) pistons are fit to the cylinder with clearance and therefore, there are no true seals. However, this means that whenever there is a...
Jan. 122021
One issue that comes up when customizing your Airpot or Airpel pneumatic cylinders is how to connect a rod to the piston. The simplest way to connect the piston to the rod in pneumatic cylinders is usually the worst, but...
Jan. 182019
Airpot introduces the first three in a series of online technical product videos which illustrate pneumatic control of unwanted [...]
Jan. 32019
Airpot Corp. announces “Accurate Force Pneumatics” for control of force, motion and displacement with unparalleled[…]

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