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• Oppose the piston with a spring and you’ve made a linear pressure gauge (P = kx/A).

• Push the piston a known distance and you’ve made a precision gas displacement device (V = Ax).

• Apply a precise pressure to the piston and you’ve made an actuator that pushes with a precise force (F = PA).

• Apply a precise vacuum pressure to the piston and you’ve made an actuator that pulls with a precise force (F = PA).

• Have us cut burr-free ports in the cylinder and you’ve made a valve.

• Bond a load to the piston and you’ve made a linear and/or rotary bearing.

• Come up with your own cool idea to make something useful!


Ultra-low friction graphite piston with precision bore borosilicate glass cylinder.

6 bore sizes from 5.6 mm to 44.4 mm.

Lengths as short as the length of the piston and as long as 1 meter. Stock lengths available.

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Push Dashpot

2K S 160 C 2.0 NF

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    Dashpots and Shock Absorbers

    Airpot dashpots and snubbers are designed for low force damping and low energy dissipation to provide control of motion, force, and impact energy.

    Piston/Cylinder Sets

    Innovative designers use Airpot® piston/cylinder sets for many original and demanding applications. With their unparalleled low friction and response to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi, our piston/cylinder sets are basic building blocks for any design involving pneumatic actuation, gas displacement, or even as a linear guide.

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