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A 1

2 - Way Dashpot

2K S 160 A 2.0 NF

Pull Dashpot

2K S 160 B 2.0 NF
C 3

Push Dashpot

2K S 160 C 2.0 NF
Actuator 1

Pneumatic Actuator

2K S 160 P 2.0 NY
Snubber 8


2K S 160 S

Airpel Air Cylinder

E 16 D 1.5 N

Piston/Cylinder set

2K S 160 - 2.0 CP

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    How are these products used?


    Dashpots and Shock Absorbers

    Airpot dashpots and snubbers are designed for low force damping and low energy dissipation to provide control of motion, force, and impact energy.

    Piston/Cylinder Sets

    Innovative designers use Airpot® piston/cylinder sets for many original and demanding applications. With their unparalleled low friction and response to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi, our piston/cylinder sets are basic building blocks for any design involving pneumatic actuation, gas displacement, or even as a linear guide.

    Low-Friction Air Cylinders

    Airpot offers four product families in our line of low-friction air cylinders. They provide accurate forces and can be used with a wide temperature range.

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