08 June 18


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Airpot announces its new line of adaptable piston and cylinder sets. Constructed using a graphite piston / borosilicate glass cylinder combination in which each piston is selectively matched to fit the cylinder with extremely close clearances. They have unparalleled low friction, responding to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi. Starting and running friction are almost identical, preventing jerky, uncontrolled starts and providing uniform smoothness throughout the full stroke of the device. Airpot piston & cylinder sets are unaffected by extreme temperature variations, run clean and do not contaminate surrounding components. No seals are required, and there are no liquids to leak. Materials used are self-lubricating and capable of exceedingly high cycle rates. They do not heat up or materially change under conditions of rapid and/or continuous cycling and have a life-span of multi-millions of cycles. Innovative designers use Airpot piston & cylinders sets as linear bearings, vacuum pickups, inertia sensors, portable piston pumps, spool valves, flow indicators, pressure sensors, dispensers, pneumatic calibration devices, Stirling Engine power pistons, and for many other demanding applications. Airpot piston/cylinder sets exhibit very low mass, cycle life in the billions, no deterioration or change in performance due to age or non-use, they respond to exceedingly low forces and pressures, are capable of ultra-high speeds, have the ability to move linearly and rotationally simultaneously and use a see-through cylinder.

The cylinders are available in bore sizes ranging from 0.220” to 1.75”, and lengths from the desired stroke plus 0.325” to the desired stroke plus 0.880”. All exhibit friction of less than 1 gram without side loads. Single unit base prices range from $11.40-$45.54.

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Airpot Corporation manufactures instrument quality, precision Air Dashpots, Snubbers, Pneumatic Actuators, Airpel Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders and -AB Air Bearing Actuators. Airpot welcomes custom requirements and will work with the customer to adapt products to suit their individual application needs. Value added subassembly services are also a specialty. Airpot Corporation is a trusted supplier to many of the world’s most prestigious original equipment manufacturers. Visit Airpot Piston/Cylinder Sets for detailed specifications. Call or write our technical staff for application assistance and ordering information. 203-846-2021.

Airpot offers four product families in our line of customizable pneumatic actuator.

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