Position Sensing Configurations for Airpel® Cylinders

If you need electrical output of piston position, Airpot Corporation offers an easy-to-install, secure, and reliable solution. Read on…

For customers desiring electrical output of piston position, most Airpel models are offered with an optional switch-activating magnet on the piston, as well as one or more optional aluminum tracks attached to the cylinder. The tracks are specially designed for easy, secure mounting of the Sick, Inc. position sensors which we offer separately. We stock popular models of these extremely reliable GMR sensors along with matching accessory extension cables

optional 14

View from front (rod end) with front and rear ports aligned along position T1 axis.

To Specify Magnet and Tracks

Simply add the appropriate letter designator(s) to the end of a basic Airpel part number.
M = Magnet attached to piston Example: Basic Model E16D1.5U becomes E16D1.5UM
T# = Magnet plus sensor track(s) attached to the cylinder at position T# as shown in the diagram below.

Basic Airpel model E16D1.5U with a magnet and one track at the 90 degree position (clockwise) becomes E16D1.5UT2 and with a second track attached to the cylinder at the 270 degree position the part number becomes E16D1.5UT2T4

Airpel Sensor Track Information

cylinderscetch 1
modelchart 1

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