Limiting Overaction

Many instruments are susceptible to random pulses and surges, which can lead to harmful, over-range conditions. The Airpot is velocity sensitive and resists these surges, providing more consistent operating conditions and preventing damage.

Application Examples

In sensitive, tilt-sensing instruments (as shown below), a two-way damping Airpot prevents the pendulum from reacting violently to sudden changes, stabilizing the pendulum but allowing it to move smoothly with angular change.

In spring scales, Airpot damps loading shock and reduces stabilization time without interfering with measurement.

In magnetic tape handling equipment, dubbers, motion picture projectors, and film duplicators Airpot provides protection where high speed stop and start can lead to overshoot, fouling, and backlash.

limit dia


To View the Best Model’s Data Sheet: In the chart below CHOOSE a Damping Direction and CLICK on a Model that offers a force equal to or greater than the MAXIMUM Force in your application.


MODEL 2K56 2K95 2K160 2K240 2K325 2K444
BORE (inches) 0.22 0.366 0.627 0.945 1.281 1.75
PULL DAMPING DIRECTION lbs force (Starting from fully retracted position) 0.5 1.4 4 9 17 30
PUSH DAMPING DIRECTION lbs force (Starting from fully extended position) 0.35 1 3 7 13 24
**Note: Best performance for each model will be achieved at or below input forces shown above. Maximum force capability is higher and is based on % of available volume displaced.


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