Self-Aligning Actuators

Airpot Corp. pneumatic actuators have an outstanding ability to perform functions that go far beyond conventional actuators that can only provide a motive force.  Because of the Airpot Actuator’s unique combination of materials, many engineers have found them to be equally well suited to a variety of applications that we call “displacement” related .

Employing our borosilicate glass cylinder and graphite piston technology, Airpot Actuators have amazing performance properties with respect to friction, cleanliness, and temperature range. They are light weight, compact, use no lubricants, and the piston/rod assemblies have very low mass.  This unusual range of characteristics give our actuators performance capabilities that allow them to be used in uncommon, even novel ways that would be impossible with conventional air cylinders.  For example, in addition to uses involving response to pressure or vacuum, Airpot Actuators can also provide functions involving displacement of a volume, such as for pumping, measuring, sensing, and indicating pressure or vacuum changes.  Furthermore, since the cylinder is clear glass, the Airpot Actuator can even be used to provide a see-through, visual reference for pressure related volume and stroke changes.

Of course, Airpot actuators are equally superior to conventional cylinders for applying a precise force, a repeatable motive or counterbalancing force, applying a gentle or precise holding or squeezing force (as low as a few grams) and for actuation with uniform motion at almost any speed.  They are ideal for requirements involving the need to move something slowly and smoothly, even over distances less than 0.1 inch, or to cycle at very high speeds- up to 100 cps.

We encourage engineers working on any new or novel design involving displacement or pneumatic actuation to contact us for assistance and information about the Airpot Actuator’s unusual and wide range of capabilities.

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