Application Notes

Jun. 82018
An air cylinder provides smooth operation and controls tension to less than 0.5 gram to produce special fiber sensors […]
Jun. 82018
An important high technology manufacturer builds processing equipment used in the fabricating of semiconductor integrated circuits. One operation in their chemical / mechanical polisher (CMP) involves lowering a cassette of silicon wafers into a rinse tank, then raising it. This...
Jun. 82018
An Air cylinder that uses a carbon /graphite piston within a glass housing produces precise and repeatable motion during membrane switch testing. A precision low friction cylinder with a piston that slides on a cushion of air is being used...
Jun. 82018
“If someone has already worked out all the problems in a particular component and it is now available off the shelf at a reasonable cost, why spend time designing it all over again? Why absorb the cost of setting up...

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