Filter & Regulate Air Supply

Properly controlling the delivery and quality of air in a pneumatic system is a critical requirement for obtaining the highest level of performance from the system’s precision components.  Therefore, applications depending upon Airpot’s Accurate Force Pneumatics capabilities will experience additional benefits from our optional accessories for air filtration and precision air regulation which offer engineers the precise control, optimal air quality and properly sized components needed to get the most from Airpot’s unique Anti-Stiction® and lowfriction technology.

airpot ffr product image

Each filter / precision air regulator system is a complete modular air preparation system composed of components specially selected by Airpot® engineers, based on years of application experience with low friction accurate force pneumatic motion control products.  Our FFR systems are particularly well suited for use with Airpot actuators and Airpel cylinders where low friction/low hysteresis, sensitive response, long life, clean operation, and extreme temperatures are critical requirements. Offered in both compact and standard configurations for moderate and high flow, the FFR systems are available with standard or precision air regulators for precise control and sensitivity for the most demanding applications, even those in which very low speed, and /or low pressure regulator requirements exist.  Use of Airpot’s FFR components assures that the recommended quality of clean, dry compressed air is delivered to the actuators and cylinders by providing greater filtration and more precise regulation than commonly used precision FRL systems.

Component Features Summary

FFR system:

  • Compact and high flow versions with both standard and high precision air regulators
  • Compact and modular, 40 mm x 40 mm envelope per component (compact systems)
  • Simple, two fastener bracket attachment system
  • Components can be easily upgraded or rearranged
  • Port connections are available with NPT or G threads


  • Standard and high precision
  • Manual pressure adjustment
  • No tools required
  • Push to lock operation (standard regulators)
  • Low pressure regulator range of 0.005 to 0.7 MPa and a sensitivity within 0.1% of the full scale (high precision regulators)


  • Two stage filtration system comprised of a 5 micron particle filter and a 0.01 micron oil/water mist filter
  • Media transitions from coarse outer surface to fine interior structure to reduce clogging, prolonging element life
  • Corrosion resistant filter bowl guard
  • Easy to replace filter elements


  • Highly visible, field adjustable limit marks (high precision air regulators)
  • Flat face, non protruding gauge design (standard regulators)
  • MPa or psi display

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