Piston Position Sensing

All Airpel Anti-Stiction cylinders are available in optional configurations that allow sensing of the piston’s stroke-end positions for stopping and switching direction of motion.  These configurations utilize high strength, light weight magnets attached to the pistons and are ideally used with our high performance, compact electronic GMR switching sensors.  The GMR sensors have the inherent advantage of eliminating the double switching errors which are a common shortcoming of other types of sensors.  Our position sensors slide neatly into mating tracks on the Airpel cylinder body that allow easy, secure adjustability of sensor location.

airpel sensor 1

Customers who require precise position sensing capability may choose units with only the magnets and/or tracks in cases where another brand of sensor or sensor mounting technique is preferred.  Multiple tracks and up to four circumferential track orientations are available. The GMR position sensors may be purchased separately and include a choice of cables and connections.

For more information on our piston position sensors, contact us today!  See us for GMR sensors and sensor magnet & track whenever you need position sensing in our Airpel Actuators.

GMR Sensors
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