Filter/Regulator System Offers Precise Control and Ultra-Clean Air for Super Sensitive Motion Control Applications

Airpot® Corporation announces its family of filter/regulator (FFR) products designed specifically for use with their low friction line of Airpel® air cylinders and Airpel –AB® air bearing controlled actuators. Airpot FFR systems offer engineers, designers and manufacturing professionals the precise control, optimal air quality and properly sized components needed to get the most from Airpot’s unique Anti-Stiction® and low friction technology. Each Airpot FFR system is a complete modular air preparation system composed of components selected by Airpot engineers, based on years of application experience with low friction pneumatic motion control products. These systems are especially suited for use with Airpot actuators and Airpel cylinders where low friction/low hysteresis, sensitive response, long life, clean operation, and extreme temperatures are critical requirements. Offered in both compact and standard configurations for moderate and high flow, Airpot FFR systems are available with standard or precision regulators for precise control and sensitivity for the most demanding applications, even those in which very low speed, and or pressure requirements exist.

All Airpot FFR systems are composed of lightweight aluminum/resin hybrid material which is 50% lighter than traditional systems built into a compact and modular 40mm x 40mm envelope per component (compact series). A simple two fastener attachment bracket system allows easy upgrading, maintenance and rearrangement of the modules. Standard and Precision series (with increased low pressure sensitivity) regulators are available; all with hand adjustability and single push lock operation. The precision series offers a pressure range of 0.005 to 0.4 MPa and sensitivity within 0.1% of the full scale. Port connections are available with NPT or G metric threads. Each system is equipped with dual filtration modules that remove particles, dust, oil, moisture and mist down to 0.01 micron assuring that the recommended quality of clean, dry compressed air is delivered to the actuators and cylinders.

This two stage filtration system is comprised of a 5 micron dust and moisture filter augmented by a 0.01 micron coalescing filter. The long life media transitions from a coarse outer surface to a fine interior structure to reduce clogging prolong life and prevent rust formation. All filters boast a standard corrosion resistant filter bowl guard, one quarter turn filter element removal and a unique O ring slip prevention design. FFR gauges offer highly visible color zone indicators, field adjustable limit marks, flat face design with a non- protruding (standard series, compact and high flow types) gauge embedded in the module made to JIS3 grade with either MPa or PSI readings.

Airpot® Corporation manufactures instrument quality, precision air dashpots, snubbers, pneumatic actuators, Airpel® Anti-Stiction air cylinders and Airpel-AB® air bearing actuators. Airpot welcomes custom requirements and works with customers to adapt products to suit their individual application needs. Value added sub-assembly services are also a specialty. Airpot® Corporation is a trusted supplier to many of the world’s most prestigious original equipment manufacturers. Visit for detailed specifications. Call or email our technical staff for application assistance and ordering information. 203-846-2021.

Key Markets: Semiconductor, Electronics, Medical Devices, Metrology, Test & Measurement, Laboratory Diagnostics.

Key Applications: Filament & Wire Tensioning, Positioning and Manipulating Optics, Liquids, Delicate Devices, Super Sensitive Force Control, Counterbalancing And Safety For Vertically Positioned Linear Driven Motor Masses, Measuring Weight, Creep, Tensile Strength and Calibration

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