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Airpot Corporation announces a specially designed long length (up to 1 meter) Airpel Anti-Stiction actuator that meets the needs of coordinate measuring machine and other metrology device manufacturers for a low friction counterbalance device to allow smooth movement and precise positioning of the z-axis measuring arm while manipulating the device through its measurement range.

Smooth, responsive and accurate movement of the Z-axis measuring head on coordinate measuring machines and other XYZ gantry systems utilizing linear motors are crucial attributes manufacturers seek when developing these devices The head moves in three axes of motion and must be manipulated manually in order to teach or train the device to read the critical measuring points for each of the individual parts to be inspected. A counterbalance system is often used to reduce the weight and drag inherent in the linear motor driver and associated liner bearing guide systems. However, mechanical counterbalance devices often exhibit more friction than is ideal. Airpot’s Airpel Anti-Stiction cylinders solve this problem utilizing a simple pneumatic cylinder with a revolutionary internal design that allows for virtually zero friction while precisely controlling the amount of counter force needed to eliminate the effect of driver and probe arm mass. Extremely low friction counterbalancing allows the use of smaller linear motors and drive mechanisms lowering the cost of the units. Another benefit derived from the Airpel unit is increased safety since the Airpel can prevent a crash in a power off situation.

Airpel cylinders are available in strokes up to 1 meter customized specifically for counterbalancing and counterforce applications. Airpel Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders are built using a graphite piston / borosilicate glass cylinder combination in which each piston is selectively matched to fit the cylinder with extremely close clearances. They have unparalleled low friction, responding to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi. Starting and running friction are almost identical, preventing jerky, uncontrolled starts and providing uniform smoothness throughout the full stroke of the device. Airpel cylinders are unaffected by extreme temperature variations, run clean and do not contaminate surrounding components. No seals are required, and there are no liquids to leak. Materials used are self-lubricating and capable of exceedingly high cycle rates. They do not heat up or materially change under conditions of rapid and/or continuous cycling and have a life-span of multi-millions of cycles.

Airpot Corporation manufactures instrument quality, precision Air Dashpots, Snubbers, Pneumatic Actuators, Airpel Anti-Stiction Air Cylinders and Airpel-AB Air Bearing Actuators. Airpot welcomes custom requirements and will work with the customer to adapt products to suit their individual application needs. Value added sub-assembly services are also a specialty. Airpot Corporation is a trusted supplier to many of the world’s most prestigious original equipment manufacturers. Visit Airpel info for detailed specifications. Call or write our technical staff for application assistance and ordering information. engineering@airpot.com

Marketing Contact: Edward Keane edkeane@airpot.com

Technical Contact: Tom Lee tlee@airpot.com

203 846 2021 www.airpot.com

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